Story behind Growth Race

Hi, I am Kaspars Sprogis - passionate developer, entrepreneur and a founder of Growth Race. I've been developing startups and all kind of projects for a while now (My ProductHunt profile).

After launching 3rd or 4th project I started to feel I cannot overview what happens to all of my projects at once.

Simple questions like - what is my current traffic for project X, how many Twitter/Facebook followers do i have for project Y? And by time it get worse - as soon as new project was launched, I started losing touch on my previous projects and that worried me.

I love Google Analytics, but going through all the projects every morning just took too much time and wasn't fun anymore. All I wanted was a single chart to see all my projects side by side but I couldn't find a solution that satisfied me. So i took developer/entrepreneur approach - I decided to solve my own problem and build service like that.

That's how Growth Race idea was born - dashboard where you can monitor all your metrics in a single view (Google Analytics, Twitter followers, Facebook likes etc.) and receive notifications about important events as well.

I believe we are all busy enough without doing things a simple tool can do for us.

If you’re a founder/entrepreneur with one or multiple projects or a development team or even an agency that need to track multiple brands, i believe this tool will be as useful for you too.

Good luck monitoring!

P.S. And remember:

Anything that is measured and watched, improves. – Bob Parsons