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Anything that is measured
and watched, improves. – Bob Parsons

Track multiple projects
in a single view
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Do you have many projects and no time to track all of them?

Growth Race has you covered! It shows all your web traffic, domain and social profiles metrics in a single dashboard.

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What are the main benefits of using Growth Race?

1 Save time

When you’re running multiple projects and don’t have much time to check them regularly, Growth Race saves you time by putting everything in one place.

Growth Race - Multiple projects in a single view chart

2 Intelligent notifications

It has happened to all of us - accidental loss of tracking code or sudden decrease or increase of visitors! Growth Race detects such changes and sends you alerts as well as regular reports. See example.

Growth Race - Alerting

3 Monitor competitors

Now it’s getting juicy! We know you’re concerned about the competition, so we’ll give you a peek at their progress. It’s not spying, it’s digital vigilance.

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Whom is Growth Race perfect for?

Growth Race is for founders

Makers with multiple projects

Growth Race is for startups and development teams

Startups and marketing teams

Growth Race is brand and marketing agencies

Branding, marketing and SEO agencies

What metrics can Growth Race track for you?

Facebook Twitter
and more are on its way...



3 projects

10 competitors

$9 / mo


10 projects

40 competitors

$24 / mo


25 projects

100 competitors

$49 / mo
Single project may have all the metrics
30 days free trial
All plans include all the features